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About AG

AG is a group of award-winning professional accounting firms with a headquarter in Singapore and a presence in Malaysia. We serve the niche between the mid-tier accounting companies and smaller firms found locally.

Three factors underlie the core value of our professional advisory services: Fast, effective and proven solutions when serving our clients.

AG provides a full suite of corporate advisory solutions & accounting services to clients across various industries, including Logistic, Oil & Gas, Construction & Engineering, Marine, F&B, Printing, Car Dealer, Manufacturing and more.

We are also a member of IR GLOBAL  professional services network which has over 1,000 professional member firms in 155+ jurisdiction.

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Why Choose AG?

Accounting Services And Innovation Go Hand In Hand At AG – It’s In Our Name

If you want an accounting company in Singapore who will not take shortcuts with your accounting, who will tailor-make a solution for your business, and who has been trusted and awarded for their expertise – then AG could be the right choice to meet all your outsourced accounting needs.

At AG, we offer you a full suite of accounting services as well as corporate advisory solutions that make us a “one-stop-shop”. AG is one of the only accounting firms in Singapore that can serve ALL your outsourced business needs – 360°. Our highly experienced team rely on our skills, expertise and in-depth knowledge of statutory accounting regulations to deliver major accounting services such as audit, corporate financing, payroll and tax. We also have accumulated years of experience in providing audit and financial consulting services to companies in various industries, while keeping abreast of changing business environments.

Innovation is even in our name, “Ackenting Group”. “Ackenting” is a mixture of the words innovation and accounting.

Trusted, Award-Winning Accounting Firm In Singapore

Our accounting services are preferred by many multi-national corporations and small- and medium-sized business owners who have an interest in Singapore.

In fact, we have won multiple awards in our pursuit of excellence in accounting services.

That’s because we provide the highest-quality accounting services for an outstanding price, we focus on hitting every deadline without compromising quality, and we take the time to understand your business thoroughly and in-depth to save you time and money in the long run. No matter your outsourcing needs, we tackle problems and find solutions with a service-oriented mindset to meet beyond client expectations. We take pride in our service and embrace in building long-term relationships with our clients to become trusted business advisors.

An Accounting Firm In Singapore That Goes The Extra Mile

AG solves problems. AG delivers results. AG creates innovation.

Our vision is to become the greatest partner in the success of your business and meet a broad range of your requirements. Outsourcing your accounting and administrative functions will enable you to concentrate on strategic issues and operations, so your company can stay competitive and maximize your business opportunities.

Whether you are thinking of incorporating, in need of conducting an audit and cut costs, or even if you are simply looking for more traditional accounting services – we’re the premiere accounting firm in Singapore, offering you a custom solution that will help you make the most out of your business this year and beyond.

Our Services

AG provides one-stop 360° professional advisory solutions to you. We go beyond conventional accounting services and integrate more value-added services which include:


What Makes Us Different

Most Trusted Tax Service Provider
AG is recognised as one of Singapore Most Trusted Tax Service Providers 2020 by APAC Headlines Magazine.
Multiple Awards
AG has been recently awarded the Singapore 500 SME Award 2018.
Over 10 Years Experience
AG is a group of professionals with more than 10 years of audit & accounting experience in various industries.
96.5% Customer Satisfaction
AG has a high customer satisfaction KPI of 96.5%. Cost-effectiveness, efficiency and good customer service underlie the core value of our services to you.
One-stop Solution
AG provides one-stop solution to you. We go beyond conventional accounting services and integrate more value-added services
Response In 24 Hours
AG has a strict company policy that requires our teams to reply your enquiry in 24 hours.

Our Valued Clients Include

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Our Clients By Region

  • China
  • Europe
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Vietnam

Our Clients By Industry

Clients’ testimonials

"We first started out trying to look for someone to assist us with the audit process and I sent an email not expecting a response within a day.
The next thing I know, I got a call from Gary of AG to understand more of what our requirements were.
As the day progressed, I got emails and calls from Gary advising me how to go about to meet all the requirements and that was indeed very helpful."
- MS AUDREY PUN - Room Division Manager
Testimonial by GT Group
"AG clearly spelt out what was required and had a firm grasp of our business model even though it was their first year auditing us.
All the pre-agreed timelines were met, and we were able to complete our filing on time despite us engaging AG quite late."
GT Group
Testimonial by EVATEC SEA PTE LTD
"It is our best choice to engage AG Trust to help us in setting up our new organisation in Singapore and Malaysia.
Working with AG Trust always give me a peace of mind.
They are committed in supporting us from time to time and their professional services are insightful, timely and highly appreciated."
- MR KEVIN CHEN - Managing Director
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