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Incorporating Your Business In Singapore Has Never Been Easier

AG is an award-winning mid-tier accounting firm that has been trusted to help many small- and medium-sized businesses and multi-national corporations successfully incorporate in Singapore.

We offer the total package: a 360° solution that makes us a “one-stop-shop” for all your business needs. Our dedicated experts have extensive experience to guide you through the process step-by-step. Before you know it, you will be ready to start doing business in the Lion City and achieve the success you desire.

Our incorporation services cover all your needs:


Why Choose Our Company Incorporation Services?

Guaranteed Bank Account Opening
AG works closely with major local banks. Our consultants will advise you and provide support for opening your personal or corporate bank accounts in Singapore.
Hassle Free
Most of our communications are done via email, phone call or teleconference. Therefore, your physical presence in our office is not necessary and saves you all the hassle. We integrate e-signature technology into our process to make it fast, easy and efficient.
One-stop Solution
Having all your services done at AG reduces process, time and cost. AG is one of the only accounting firms in Singapore that can serve ALL your business needs - 360°.
Fast & Effective
We work fast and efficiently to incorporate a new company for you within 1 hour if all the required documents are ready, so there will be no unnecessary delays in setting up your company.

Many companies are looking to tap into the Asia market, particularly Singapore, which is globally renowned as Asia’s leading business hub. And without the right support and guidance, incorporating a company in Singapore can be challenging.

At AG, we have extensive experience and expert knowledge of the business landscape to help companies incorporate successfully – from small start-ups to large multi-national corporations. Our professional consultants are dedicated to your business success – we will work closely with you to comprehend your business needs and create customised solutions to help you achieve your desired success.

Apart from incorporation services, we also provide a complete suite of services that will cover all aspects of your company registration and administration. We work in collaboration with you every step of the way to provide as much support as you require, taking care of all the business registration details so you can free up your time and energy to manage the complexities of incorporating a company in Singapore. By taking care of your back-end incorporation needs, you can be at the forefront in strategic planning and focus on your business operations to grow your company.

Rest assured that we will be with you throughout your incorporation journey, as ongoing technical support is vital. You will have peace of mind while we ensure your company complies with regulatory requirements and stay on top of the latest market developments. With our expertise and knowledge, you can set up your business and grow with ease and confidence.

“Successfully set up a company for a foreign client with 2 multi-currencies bank accounts”

“Recommended by Enterprise Singapore (government agency) to help foreigners in company set up “

Service Package

Testimonial by Guaranteed Bank Account Opening OR 100% Money Back- Risk Free
Guaranteed Bank Account Opening OR 100% Money Back- Risk Free
You do not need to worry you can't open a bank account after spending a lot of money on company set up.
Premium Package
Platinum Package



You save S$1,327 You save S$2,127
Government charges (worth S$315) Yes Yes
Bank account opening guarantee (worth S$1,000) Yes Yes
Company registration (worth S$600) Yes Yes
Set-up advisory (worth S$800) Yes Yes
1 year basic secretary (worth S$600) Yes Yes
1 year nominee director (worth S$3,500) Yes
1 year registered address (worth S$300) Yes
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Company Registration Process

Key information before incorporating:

  1. Company name
  2. Singapore business address
  3. Share capital (minimum S$1)
  4. Directors particulars (at least 1 local director is required)
  5. Shareholders’ particulars (100% foreigner ownership is allowed)
  6. Business activity

Company name application can be e-filed through Bizfile website with a charge of S$15. The application will normally be processed within 15 minutes after the payment, which is non-refundable. The approved name will be reserved for 60 days.

Once company name is approved, you can e-file your business registration application with all your company information, subject to a charge by ACRA as displayed below:

Name application fee S$15
Company limited by shares Company limited by guarantees
S$300 S$600

You will need to wait 15 minutes after the registration fee is paid for ACRA to approve/reject your application.

It may take 14 days to 2 months if the application needs to be referred to other authorities for approval (e.g. a private school will be referred to the Ministry of Education)

Within 3 days of your application for Singapore company incorporationyou will be required to submit an online endorsement from the company’s directors/secretary via BizFile.

Once successful, a download link of your company bizfile will be emailed to you.

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Tips For Singapore Company Incorporation

During incorporation, multiple entrepreneurs make the mistake of not considering which company structure best fits their business, i.e. sole proprietorship versus Pte Ltd.

This will have a significant impact on the company’s tax and business strategies in the long term.

For example, with a taxable income of S$300,000 for YA2017, the effective tax rates for a sole proprietorship and a Pte Ltd company are 13.5% and 5.7%, respectively, provided certain requirements are met.

Sound brand planning should start as early as when a company is registered. An excellent company name gives a good impression that helps you stand out from other competitors.

A good company name should be positive and easy to remember. Let AG incorporate your company and be your branding advisor to maximise the value of your business.

In Singapore, a new start-up company is given a full tax exemption of as high as S$200,000 for the first S$300,000 taxable income.

One of the exemption criteria is that the company must not have more than 20 shareholders, and at least 10% of the company shares must be directly and beneficially held by an individual.

Certain businesses fall within regulated industries. As such, a relevant business licence is required before a company can be registered.

Guaranteed Bank Account Opening OR 100% Refund.
Limited slots only.


Foreigners are allowed to 100% own a company in Singapore. A local shareholder is not necessary.

Companies in Singapore are required to have at least 1 resident director. If you do not have one, you can hire a nominee director. Alternatively, we can provide this nominee director service if you are struggling to find a suitable resident director.

Incorporation usually can be done within 1 hour once all the required documents are ready. However, under special circumstances, the incorporation process may take longer if the application needs special approval from other government agencies.

All companies in Singapore must have a local address. If you do not have one, you can use our office registered address service. We will handle your incoming mails, scan and store them in our portal so that you can extract your documents anytime.

You can apply for an Employment Pass. An Employment Pass is a working visa issued to foreign professionals, executives and technicians. It allows you to work and stay in Singapore. You can also bring your family into Singapore if your monthly salary is at least S$6,000.

A private limited company in Singapore is a business structure of choice for local and foreign entrepreneurs. The organisation can have between 1 to 50 shareholders. If an individual wish to register a Pte Ltd company in Singapore, he or she has to be at least 18 years of age or above.

This business structure differs from a sole proprietorship as it is a separate legal entity from its owners. In the eyes of the law, a Pte Ltd company has the right to purchase and sell assets, and it can sue or be sued by others. This business structure is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to limit their liability to the amount they have invested in the company.

To register a private limited company, you will require at least 1 director who resides in Singapore. Moreover, he or she needs to be at least 18 years of age or above. Anyone who holds Singapore citizenship, Permanent Resident status, an Employment Pass, or an Entrepreneur Pass can serve in this capacity. You can have as many directors as your company deems necessary. If you do not have a local director, you can hire a resident director (nominee director) or engage our nominee director service.

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